Right Turn!

Two months ago you were told that and you had your doubts! Welcome back dearest writers readers friends from everywhere: the US, Serbia, the UK, Greece, China, Oman, Indonesia, Curaçao, and Canada! 😉

What’s wrong with drivers?!

The streets are empty and the highways are clear but yet they drive like crazy. What is it?

On the Road5May be you don’t know that when the stop light is red you can only make a right turn when there is no white light human sign allowing pedestrian to cross on that side and in some areas, there is a green arrow to allow you to turn to the right or otherwise, it’s a ticket that you’d pay coz of a traffic violation.

“That guy made a right turn while that old guy was about to cross the road. He almost hit him”, Shimaa said. He drove like crazy without slowing down at the curb or any consideration of decent driving especially that the roads are vacant like that.

Until we chat again, great to  check on your updated topics list, get some inspiration and send us your great new ideas with our hugs and kisses ❤  

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