On the Road!

You’re doing your best to do the best but sometimes it is about something else; may be less of your best! 😉 Welcome back to your pages, dearest friends from the US, Romania, Qatar, Australia, and India 😉

Flanner was at Target when he stopped by Walnut Creek in his way to Pittsburg, CA. He was driving his car, having his dark sunglasses which matched with his dark hair. He had that mixture of features. When you saw him, you wouldn’t be sure if he was Asian or Mexican but he was good looking middle-aged mature man. 

By the way, that was how he described himself. 🙂 

After he got out of the underground parking spot he had for his car while shopping at the store, he took his first left, then his first right to Ygnacio Valley Rd. where it would take him directly to his home at Pittsburgh.

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Flanner said that within 20-25 min, he had the most wonderful semi-adventure on the road, and that he wanted to share it with all of you, coz he thought it was something that he experienced more than one time but in other destinations.
Qatar Airways

“I was surprised by those piano-shaped fingers touching the driving wheel of the car next to me in a way that made me so excited”, he said. “Her front windows were open, I could hear the music very clearly although it wasn’t that loud. Oh! Very selective kind of songs, and I like it no I fell in love with it immediately. I mean the music and the songs.”


“Sorry, I’m lying I fell in love with everything in that next vehicle. Just like crazy perfumed smell coming from it, as if a secret power is drawing my whole being and attention towards that car. All of that in a moment at a stop-light.”

Until we talk again about what had happened next to Flanner, get through our updated topics, your real inspiration is there waiting for you, with our hugs and kisses


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