Own TV, Son!

May be it is true! 😉 Welcome back dearest readers writers friends from everywhere: the US, Norway, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Thailand, Germany, the UK, Australia, and Switzerland! 😉

My son asked me this question and the answer was too long!

“Why every morning when I opened my eyes, I keep asking myself this?”, my son asked me.

It’s very complicated as it sounded to me but I welcomed it.


The question was: “Why can’t I see except through my own TV, why can’t I see others’ TVs?” He referred to his life and other’s lives as he was using the word “TV“.

Perhaps it took us about 25 min to discuss why humans are limited to see only their own path not even all sides of it. Somehow only the threads that come to minds.

It was refreshing to talk and and to know that my son has grown up to have his own philosophy of life. Amazing how time goes by.

Until you chat again with us, take a moment and communicate with your own family. You’d find plenty to talk about or check in on our topics and pick up the ones that you could talk about with them with our hugs and kisses


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