Camera Consent?!

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Do you remember talking about cookies and the robust trend for cookieless websites?

BerrylookThe sites which use cookies tried to get the consent of the users. Most of their attempts were unsuccessful. In order to trick the users and get their consent, they had the wording of their disclosure similar to: “By pressing this button, you agreed to using our cookies” or something like: “In order to protect your privacy, we’re recording your call, got it?” But none of these alleviate to the level of the “consent” for one simple reason: the user was not part of it. 🙄

There has to be a clear “Yes”, a clear “I consent to your usage of cookies”, which will never happen with the majority of those failed phrases.

The same thing takes place with the security monitoring of the stores or the public ConsentRecordinplaces or the parking lots. What they do is that they put a small sign having a  picture of a camera stating that it’s a warning that the place is monitored by camera. This is great and good but the customer was not part of that deal to take place.

In other words, as an example. Target needs to print a phrase on his tickets or receipts that say: Pls agree to being recording in our facility or something similar

Many businesses monitor their premises using cameras, which is great to secure the place and to protect its customers. The only missing part is they need to have you agreed on being recorded or videoed or else you could sue them.

How can they get your consent? It’s really simple.

How can you sue them? It shouldn’t be that complicated.

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