You are in your best after a good night sleep! 😉 Welcome back dear smart writers bloggers readers friends from everywhere: the US, Australia, Germany, Albania, Colombia, Turkey, Italy, the UK, Canada, Switzerland, Uruguay, India, Thailand, Nigeria, Nepal, and Philippines! 😉

Sometimes, and from time to time, you may get few little pleasures that would make your day.

Lili reminded you of that, telling an example of what happened to her in …

“I went to Safeway to get some bread-sticks but i couldn’t find any. of course if you were in CA, you would know Safeway. My daughter said that we should try Trader Joe’s and I thought it could be a try but I didn’t see any at Trader Joe’s lately especially with all crowds fighting to take items quickly down from the shelves.”SophieBreadSticks-Org

“Briefly we were there. Surprise, it wasn’t crowded at all. Right! Opposite to what we thought. Everything was there. Shelves were well-organized full of commodities. And, we found a ton of bread-sticks. In addition, the help desk there suggested a new kind with cheddar. The picture on the box was great. I thought probably it’s just the picture as many other products do. When we were back home, I opened the box to find the sticks were exactly the way they looked like on the box. As for the taste, it was superb.

And I call this a little pleasure of life!”

Until we chat again, that was refreshing to hear Lili, and you too should do the same. Go find out something that would give you a little pleasure, check on it between our pages, with our hugs and kisses

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