Focus on priorities! 😉 Welcome back fantastic friends writers readers bloggers and all from everywhere: the US, India, Japan, Cape Verde, Portugal, the UK, Brazil, Malaysia, Romania, Mexico, Israel, Taiwan, Poland, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates! 😉

Make your own vaccine ASAP. FREE YOURSELF OF ANY OUTSIDE INFLUENCE. It’s the right step to take; insist on it if you want to succeed.Dirk Hockemeyer at work

The US with its gigantic labs and researchers whether in the Military or in every and each State, should be able and capable of producing a unique vaccine against that deadly virus. Public are ready to try new vaccines and volunteer for that, what else they need? The highest technology, the smart minds, the best labs, and the volunteers; all are set for success!

What else are you waiting for?

Your body-defense-system is amazing and it serves you all the time. Try to focus on strengthening it until your scientists come up with the anti virus soon. It’s coming.

Until we chat again, share with us your stories. Someone sent us an email we’ll share it with you soon. It’s very relevant to many of you with our hugs and kisses

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