Smile Inspire!

You can do anything you want. You’ve done it before, all it takes is to remind yourself that you’re still the same person! 😉 Welcome back friends readers from everywhere: the US, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, France, Ukraine, the UK, India, and Canada! 😉

Although the original question was about what to do if you want to write and you have no clue where to start, it ended up with a smile 😆

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BerrylookStart by one word that is inspiring to you.

Let’s say that your inspiring word is “smile”.SophieSmile

What do you think of when you read this word or hear it.

Immediate reaction for a group of people was:

C: I think Oh dear where’s that? A smile I can’t find it

B: Yeh, that guy had a nice smile but it was just a brief hello.

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D: I want to have more smiles and have others have more smiles in their lives, and I feel that the world forget a lot of smiles it’s only fake smiles that is going on now. For some reason even those who are considered brilliant in making people smile, I can’t feel that way about them and I was doubtful about my feelings and I asked some friends and surprisingly enough she said the same. So I wasn’t alone in that and that made me have a BIG smile then laughing for both of us. Qatar Airways
Until we chat again, find where the smile is and get it. Stay away from dramas and enjoy your lovely life. It’s lovely coz you’re alive with our hugs and kisses sophieChannel


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