Your Health-Fitness!

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Fitness, guys! Fitness!

Steve made me think, when I saw him in his sleeveless top looking in good shape, that we didn’t speak about fitness in a while. Then while listening to one of my favorite songs on my Youtube channel, somehow accidentally , I got into a special exercise that benefit not only your back,but also your blood circulation and your heart.

I was completely surprised for two reasons: the first one, it’s very simple; and the second, it takes only 10-15 min.  Surprisingly, it has 5 great benefits.

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This exercise is called “legs up the wall” pose is quite easy, and anyone can do it at home. The technique is normally performed in order to establish a connection between your mind and body, but it can also help your blood circulation.

Here are some of its benefits: It reduces water retention in your legs and feet; move the liquids causing any feet/ankle swelling; relieves tired legs. Best way to get rid of tension in your legs, feet and hips. These three areas suffer a lot after a long day, and changing your position for 20 minutes can bring great relief. It improves digestion. 

Sophie-Legs-upChanging your position, and raising your legs above your head helps to loosen fluids and furthermore, it helps bowel movements, and will help you absorb more nutrients in the long run, avoid constipation, and restore your health.

It will improve your breathing: you’ll retain more air, and gradually breath in and out in a slower, more rhythmic way. Legs up the wall has a great impact on your nervous system. You’ll be relieving tensions in your muscles, above your stomach, and in your sinus. It helps to relax your mind.

This position also favors correct brain oxygenation. It encourages you to meditate, rest your mind and be more conscious about your body.

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The ideal thing to do is to place a small cushion in the curve of your back in order to ensure a more balanced posture. This will make sure that your legs are glued vertically to the wall, and your arms are rested, stretched out, and relaxed.

Just hold this position for at least 15 to 20 minutes without doing anything else. Wear comfortable clothes that don’t restrict your waist or ankles. Otherwise, it could affect the whole purpose if this exercise: to promote blood circulation.

If you have a back injury, you should not perform this exercise.

Until we chat again about more healthy subjects, stay with us, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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