Your Fit Feet!

Sometimes it is just a fantastic day and you want it to last forever! Thank you readers and friends from the US, Macedonia, India, and Singapore 😉

Is it time for a vacation? Is it time for a retreat?

When you’re asking yourself this question, it might mean that you really need a change. It could be boredom symptoms of your daily routine, or it could be that you’re over-working without any break.

When you’re feeling pain in your feet, this might mean that you had a standing time more than you should. In this case the best way to approach this issue is to massage your feet. If it continued after rest, you better consult your physician.

Your feet has several points where it indicates parts of your body. Thus when you feel pain in any of these points, there could be a relationship between the pain you experience in your feet and another organ in your body.

Here’s a chart where you can see some of the corresponding points to your body parts:

Image result for feet points

As for relaxing and massaging your feet, it would probably sounds odd to you, but it could be very helpful not only to your feet, but also to your blood circulation. If you stood long time on your feet at work without taking any breaks that could affect your muscles, your mood, and your productivity in general. Exhausting your feet could give you varicose where your veins start showing as blue trees.

The feet and ankles contain one quarter of the human body’s bones, plus 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Walking a lot can cause fatigue, pain, and others.

Massaging your feet can stimulate your muscles, relieve your pain, and boost your nerves and energy. And you can do it yourself!Feet- Sophie


. Clean your feet gently.

. Use your preferred scented oil or cream. Jasmine is the most used one.

. Sit on a chair with one leg on the floor and the other bent so that the shin rests across the opposite thigh.

. Warm the oil in your hands and rub it on your foot. Go in circles especially over any tight areas.

. Use your thumbs to stroke from side to side across your foot, then use your knuckles to make circles in the arch, increasing pressure as you near your heel.

. Move to the toes, using your index fingers to work up and down the web between each toe, then gently work around each toe’s joints.

. Feel the points where the pressure is felt helping your comforting sense. “Ah! This is exactly where massaging is good!”

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. Finish by bending the toes and circling the ankles to lubricate your joints.

Elevating your legs from time to time is an excellent idea in how to smooth the pain in your heels after a long day of work, but what’s most important is avoiding wearing high heels continuously for more than 3 hours, or else you will be risking your healthy feet.

As usual, there is more to say, but this will be in our coming posts. Until then, keep browsing through our lovely pages getting your special inspiration with our love and kisses

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