Girly Pains!

Why many people have gone insane? If you honestly examined the details, you might reach to the right answers 😉 Our big thanks go to the US, Ukraine, Croatia, Ireland, Kenya, Singapore, and India 😉

Billie brought up some girly experience to our attention three days age, when she talked about the pain she used to have when she was as young as twelve years old, and how she was able to come up with the right handling to all her torturing symptoms, and be able to defeat those awkward moments.

She said:

“I remember that my mom did not prepare me for having my first menstrual cycle, and the reason was not that she couldn’t speak about it or any of that sort, but it was because she was so busy all the time.

When I was twelve, I had my first time period, and I had no idea what was going on. I thought that I was injured (so naïve) but then my mom explained to me everything about getting a monthly blood coming out of my female organ and that the reason was when I got married it would help me having a baby.

I accepted that explanation but the problem was that I had terrible pain, absolutely unbearable one. The cramps were continuous before, during, and after the period. I had to lay down in bed for 4-5 days or the number of days my period would be.

My mom would call our physician asking her what to do about that pain I was suffering from, and all advice was that it was better not to take medications at that age. 

That experience continued to happen to me until I got married and carried a baby in my belly, which was great. 

From experience I give my advice to girls and females who suffer the same way I did (but not based on a certain condition or ailment).

Coincidentally Dr. Charlotte R. (a gynecologist/obstetrician) agreed to many of the suggested solutions that Billie applied  during that time:

. Never  take a bath or a shower during that time; the only cleaning for your body should be with a soft warm water soaked towel, especially the area of the belly. The reason is that, during this time the pores of your body are widely open, which makes your body is impotent.

. Avoid high heels during the period time, because they would put pressure on the uterus area causing more pain. Also wearing corset or very tight tights could increase your discomfortPeriod by Sophie.

. Wear comfortable but warm clothing; no sleeveless or swimming suits to keep the body intact and well-protected.

. Drink boiled peppermint or herbal warm drinks. Avoid drinks that could make you vomit and no alcohol drinks at all.

. Have more natural food, no junk food, it’s harmful when you’re healthy, therefore, when you are vulnerable you need more to stay away from it. It has bad results on getting more cramps.

. Don’t over-exercise or exhaust yourself, coz your body during that time need to rest and relax so be delicate and treat your body well. (some references do not agree with this, but the truth is that it’s very helpful)

. Imagine that you have a baby inside your belly, wouldn’t you be careful if that happened?  It’s very important to be moderate with your movements and actions, so no need for running exercise, climbing, or no sexual activities.

. Placing a warm compress on your abdomen area is so helpful too, without taking any pills.

We appreciate Billie’s sharing that experience with us, and considering it a valuable advice since many females suffer from that monthly acute pain with no way to avoid it except to try as many methods as possible up to the point they can take medications if they had to; otherwise, try natural ways.

If you are still eager to know more, pls email or comment and we can give you the specialist email address to further communicate with her.

Enjoy your day or the rest of it, and keep wandering among our topics! Until we chat again stay cool with our hugs and kisses ❤

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