Concocting Grocery!

Anybody could be that, try to understand 😉 Thank you for stopping by and taking a quick look at our pages dear friends from the US, New Zealand, Australia, Peru, Japan, Paraguay, and  Greece 😉

Aren’t you tired of the tactics and strategies used by grocery stores to get into your pocket? Of course you are, because everyone else is. So how can you fight this hidden concocting against your wallet?

The solution is quite simple, but the key is to insist on applying it. It’s all in your own hands to control. Here we go:

1- Avoid using the large cart which makes you load up more food without even realizing that you’re doing this.

2- Act smart and when you see the candy, soda, or magazines lined up at the cash register, don’t automatically grab any of them into your cart.

Concocting - by Sophie.jpg3- Your eggs may cost you more if you follow the promotional signs of fake assumption of having cage-free eggs; something similar to “Limited Time offers”, which is all illusion to make you pay more.

4- Products at your eye-level are the priciest items, so look at the bottom or the top shelves, you’d find better prices.

5- All junk food like chips are scattered in the store before you reach your basic items such as milk, bread, or eggs. It is intentional to tempt you to buy them; therefore, you need to go straight to what you need.

6- A free bite of something could lead to filling a cart with that product thinking that you’re saving, while in fact you’re spending more than what you intended to. Be careful, and just keep focusing on your needs.

7- Flowers Smells, light music, and the layout changes are all methods of getting more money out of your savings.

You are smart and all what you need is to insist on your plans and beat all concocting grocery stores! Stick to your list and to our topics, to find more inspiration with new ideas that would help you to live better.

There is more to say, but until we talk again, here’s our hugs and kisses ❤

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