From Finland!

Your legs-up for 15 before you have your meals, once every two days! 😉 Welcome back and thanks for showing up, friends and readers from the US, Australia, Trinidad & Tobago, Finland, Taiwan, Ghana, Kenya, and India! 😉

Previously, friends shared with all of you special buildings from New Yorkthe UK, Nevada, GermanyIndia, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, Russia, France, Canada, Poland, and others. 

Today, your friend, Alex, shares this photo with all of you. He expressed his deep admiration to that building: the design and the comfort.

The building is for Helsinki University Library in Finland, and as you know one of our favorite places is libraries. The external shape of the library showed a very special taste; it’s impressive and sophisticated.

Cashmere in LoveYou have to admit it. Have you ever seen such knitted building like this?Cashmere in Love

May be you did, or may be you didn’t, but that wouldn’t change its beauty and its uniqueness.

As Alex said: “I was completely taken by the idea of the entrance of that building and its square windows. I thought that its designer was a genius.”FromFinland

How about you, do you see any taste in the above-shown building? Do you appreciate the design?

Your view of this building will be different from the way Alex saw it; so if you disagree with him, it is still Ok to express that. We wish to hear from you how you see it.

SeaBear Chowder & Soups

Until we chat again, stick to our topics, search for your new idea, with our hugs and kisses ❤

Pure Silk


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