From France!

When you’re impatient, you might lose some good chances! Just play along until you make it! 😉 Welcome back dear  friends from the US, India, Romania, and Singapore! 😉

Everywhere you go, you’d find some very special buildings. Whether it is a museum, a hotel, a school, or anything else. It is meant to be unique starting with the outside appearance.

Modern architecture sometimes amazes imagination. Someone will call these buildings beautiful, some ugly, but they can not be denied creativity. Giraffe building in Paris, France..

Related image

As you see this building serves its purpose, since it is a daycare for young kids. It gives them some motivation to be there with the giraffe at school, although it is not a real one, but still it is enjoyable, as a big toy for young children.

What do you think of that? Share with us, your voice  needs to be heard 🙂


In the meantime, and until we chat again, refer back to other buildings from other countries, and send us your suggested building from wherever you are, with our hugs and kisses

Qatar Airways


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