From the UK!

If you had a vivid imagination, it would certainly help you to see through people! 😉 For sure we welcome all of you to our pages; especially friends from the US, India, and the UK! 😉

Following up with the strange trend in buildings’ shapes everywhere in your globe, Patty shared this piece of art with all of you:

Related image

It’s Riverside Art Museum, designed by Zaha Hadid, one of the rarely well-known female international architects. The location is Glasgow, the UK.

nail polish

Pure Silk

Many architects praised the design, and it is really very unique and deserved all the good  words that were written about it.

came as a pleasant surprise, even from an architect whose portfolio is full of lovely, otherworldly deviations from the architectural mean.


Qatar Airways

What do you think\? Can you share your comments and your feelings about these designs?

Until we chat again, send us questions about your preferred topics and stay updated, with our hugs and kisses  ❤

. Zaha.


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