The Academy!

Heading North or West is never the point, what matters is whether your goals were wangled or ….. 😉 Welcome back dear readers and friends from the US, India, Australia, and Germany! 😉

Your world is full of excitement and learning combined, so why would you waste a chance like this? Get there if you were in the Bay Area, it’s fantastic especially during the summer time. We mentioned that when we previously talked about it. Yes, about the CA Academy of Science.

NightLife illustration

Amazing gif ads you’d love to see this kind of creativity. It shakes my nerves, as if a fresh air has just entered my lungs. 😮

coral reef

Everything in this place is amazingly organized and managed. “If I can go daily to this place I would”, Karena my colleague said when she saw those pictures.Rainforest

The Academy of Science is a dynamic place, the least to say. It is literally full of life! 02bec5c4-5ea5-4696-8304-867f5671bfedNo doubt about enjoying yourself there and having a unique phenomenal experience. Once you are there, you’d feel attached to the place, and just want to be there.

The Academy of science in SF, CA, is a must to visit if you were in the Bay Area. If you had kids, it’s even better.

Until we chat again, every time you come back to our topics, always expect more, with our hugs and kisses



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