From Russia!

Want more? It’s easy, just think about it, you’d find it attainable! 😉 Hello everyone again. Thanks for our friends from the US, Canada, Denmark, Hungary and Italy! 😉

Alex, our friend, shares these two fantastic pictures with all of you, but first the top of the news for today is about NASA PAYING $ 750,000.00 for anyone who come up with a solution!

Pure Silk

Here’s the pictures: the first one is for a wooden building, and the second one is for a fantastic architecture idea. It brings many thoughts to your mind. Sandy said it’s like a lady dressed in a night dress and everyone is looking at her, so she walks very slowly, very sure of her beauty! Wow!From Russia

From Russia both of them, the first one is in Archangelsk, and the second is in Moscow.

What do you think of that? Do you have any other representation in mind?

Because you have a unique life, what comes to your mind and imagination is also as unique as you are 🙂

There is more to say about everything going in your life, but strange buildings or special look buildings tell us a lot!

 Qatar Airways

Let’s talk some more in a a little while. Until then, give me your big hug. Love you all Geekstore

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