From Ireland!

One day your deeds will be haunting you- especially every single bad one, even the smallest of them! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from the US, Ireland, the UK, Philippines, Germany, India, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago 😉

Ciara, our friend is haring some pictures with all of you, for a building that she likes in Ireland.Image result for national conference centre dublin by night

It’s the National convention Center in Dublin, Ireland. A very special building that has been associated with Dublin by most of its visitors, as Ciara said.Ireland2

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The Convention centre overlooks the River Liffey at Spencer Dock. It was designed by the American-Irish architect Kevin Roche. The CCD was shortlisted for the Engineers Ireland Excellence Awards – Engineering Project of the Year 2010.

Ciara also shared this funny situation with us, I guess you can use a laugh, why not? 🙄

(A small grocery store near where I used to live sometimes sells bags of frozen chicken nuggets that are EXACTLY like [Fast Food Place]’s nuggets. They usually only get a small shipment in, and they sell fast; they only get four boxes, each with four bags of nuggets. A friend and I arrive early and manage to get some; my friend gets two and I get one. A bit later, as we continue shopping, we hear a woman asking the man who stocks the nuggets…)

Customer: “I need all the nuggets you have left!”

Stocker: “I have six bags left, ma’am.”

Customer: “Is that all you have? I have a lot of kids to feed! I wanted all of them!”

Stocker: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but these sell out very quickly. Do you want them or not?”

Customer: *frustrated* “Yes, I want them!”

(As we are passing her on the way to the checkout, she glares at us when she sees we have some of the nuggets in our cart.)

Customer: “I needed those nuggets! You people are just so greedy!”

Friend & Me: “…”Ireland
Until we laugh again, dig deeper into our topics, be assured that you’d find your inspiration, just page away, with all our hugs and kisses ❤

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