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Stories are told about cities; some of them are weird while others are unbelievable. Many years ago, I heard about a city in Italy that was doomed by the Creator for living in sin by its inhabitants. I was young and I didn’t pay attention.

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Accidentally, last week, I was flipping the pages of a book where I found that city which I didn’t remember its name until that moment. It was called Pompeii in Italy.

Interestingly enough, the story of that doomed city was told totally differently. It was like a tale of two different cities, but it was not. 

It described Pompeii luxury and life in a good tone and that it was a prestigious place to live at, and that the volcano buried the city, with no mention about any bad or immoral behavior of its people.

living in the richest city of ancient times. Resources are bountiful and life is grand. Every amenity and luxury surro……… even ancient pornography and gentlemen entertainment, brothel houses to suit every taste.

When I brought that point to Steve & Ryan, both didn’t see it that way, they saw Pompeii as a city that was a symbol of lust and sexual perversity, and that the people who lived there deserved what had happened to them having a sudden death for  their licentiousness and immorality.

Adultery was even done in front of kids and people were not shy of it. Fornication was so common as it could be seen by marked rise in prostitution that even the number of brothels was not known. Male genital organs in their original sizes were hung on the doors of the brothels to indicate that sexual organs and sexual intercourse should . . .

Pompeii homosexual porn

Which story you tend to believe more: the first or the second? Anyway, you would never know the truth, coz you were never there at that time 🙄  🙂

Until we chat again, flip our pages, and enjoy your true inspiration, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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