I’m Not Sure Yet!

Thanks for coming to our page today from the US, and India 😉

My new eBook “I’m Not Sure Yet- 31 More Guys” is published today, and I invite all of you to have few moments and read it.

I assure you, it’s very interesting with a lot of romance, love, heart break, 


friendship, and affection. It’s full of life situations that you might not encounter them before. In brief, there is a lot more to get from that short story.

It’s some new type of multi-romances by one San Francisco girl right after middle school. The eBook is available at Barnes & Noble, Lulu, and other. Here’s one link.  

Pls if you find any difficulty accessing the new eBook, let me know ASAP.

Thanks again for being here. We’ll talk again soon ❤

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