You Tell Me!

Really? Yes, we are all on the right track, guys! Think about it! Welcome to our world friends from the US, Vietnam, Mexico, and Netherlands 😉

Many times we receive letters or message that we do not publish, may be the reason is that they are too private, and we tend to protect the privacy of the people who have trust in us, or it might be that we were not allowed by their senders to reveal any part of them, but only help with answers if we can.

One of the letters we had few months ago told us about a bad story that happened between a husband and wife, when they were in their honeymoon.

The word “Honeymoon” for most of us would bring good image and happy situations, but for that lady, she was badly hurt, and ended up with divorce after two days of marriage.

Here’s what had happened and we have permission to say it without mentioned names. The bride and the groom, right after marriage traveled to a beautiful beach and they chose one of the companies that arranged the trip for them among a group of people.

They had a super tourist bus which was so great in everything, except that since the moment the couple stepped into that bus, the guy flirted with every female that was in that trip. The bride was so surprised. They knew each other for five months before they decided to get married. She never saw that man before when he did that.

When they arrived to the first class hotel, it was impressive, and the wife convinced herself that the guy only meant to joke but there was no intention to harm her feelings. It was rather out of happiness.

Their first night, he suggested to have dinner in  the night club of the hotel, and she thought it was great idea. They got ready and they went there. Instead of dancing with her and celebrating their marriage, the guy went to another table asking someone to dance with him.

She couldn’t believe that that was happening to her in her first day of marriage. She left the night club and went to the room, thinking that she would talk to him the following morning. She didn’t want to make a scene or to act like uncivilized people.Image result for drawing of a woman on the beach

The following morning, she asked him about what he did the night before, he answered her to stop talking and that she was ruining his morning mood. She started changing her outfit and her phone rang. She was on her underwear only. She picked up her cell, it was her sis asking how everything was going. He was annoyed by that ringing, pushed her outside their beach hut, while she was only in her underwear, and closed the door and the veranda’s sliding door!

She kept banging on the door, and he was moving inside the room as if he did nothing wrong. She was in a complete shock extremely humiliated, called a cab after he opened the door, after people around them started staring at that lady who was standing out there in her underwear.

She filed for a divorce. Did she have a good reason for that? You tell Me!

Until we chat again, here’s our hugs and kisses for all of you ❤


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