Students’ Power!

Sad but strong! You carried the message to the world! 😉 Welcome everyone everywhere especially the US, India, Brazil, the UK, Ukraine, Iraq, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Peru, Malta, Canada, Nepal, China, Italy, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Bangladesh, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Jordan, Paraguay 😉

It is admirable to see your students walk out protesting gun violence, chanting “We Want Safe”! And even more admirable when you see protests taking place in all states not only one. It’s a national students’ agreement. Definitely their voices are heard.Image result for protests

Related imageYou still need more and more scientists. Not only that but also you need them to start very early in age. For instance, by the age of 7 a teacher should be able to tell what kind of interests, skills, and talents a kid has that qualify her/him in being a scientist. Similar to being a ballerina, a girl starts at the age of six or may be before that to get ready for her life career.

The reason we’re bringing this up  was Hilda’s  question (an undergrad in a science class) regarding the scarcity of scientists or researchers in many fields of learning and how you could overcome that.

Moreover, science did not solve many secrets that until this day pending waiting for the right head to come forward and be interested in finding answers or at least continuing the work that was performed by previous scholars who passed away or discontinued for any reason without finishing what they started.

In the area of biology, chemistry, anatomy, biochemistry, astrology, and all others, there is still thousands and thousands of unanswered questions. When they are answered, they will be more to come and more to be answered and so on.

Your speed in doing this is extremely slow in spite of the fact that we you have all the technology in the world. Why is that? Obviously it could be several reasons, but the most important one is planning, implementation, and follow-up, coz these are the pillars of any successful school of learning.

Obviously you may prefer to work right after high school for family reasons, but you were not given the opportunity when you were a child to explore your real capacities or capabilities. How would you know that you can a great scientist of botany or a genius scholar of oceanography! By the way, scientists make a lot of money far higher that the majority of other jobs.

It takes more than one lifetime to uncover the secrets that exist in your world, right!

Until we chat again, keep digging into your topics, you’ll find it there, with our hugs and kisses

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. Students’ Power.



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