Overcome Uncertainty!

Dearest friends from everywhere!

Living With Uncertainty: How To Accept Uncertainty & Manifest ...It’s tough to do it, but you have to coz options sometimes are limited.

Overcome your fears and uncertainties. You can do it.

  1. Be kind to yourself: Treat yourself well. If you made any promises for yourself in the past, it’s time to fulfill them. See your real you. Have a truce with yourself for things that you can’t control.

  2. Avoid news: News mostly insist on bad news and repeating bad news and seeking more bad news. News run by people who care for numbers of ratings that is the first point they care about. They would do anything to get there. Anything.

  3. Entertain yourself.
  4. Engage in self-care: You must have been working hard even if you were doing a simple job but still whatever you are or were doing it took care of you and your family. You must have neglect some parts of your own care along the way. Yes, you did. Everyone does. That is why it is time to pay more attention to your own care. What kind of care you need and how to attain it. Just work on this.

  5. Add to your skills: Even if you don’t have money, there are resources that can help you developing new skills for free. If you can’t access the internet, call your library and explain the situation for one of the staff there. They are usually kind and helpful. See what kind of new skills that they can help you with. May be you’ll find unexpected variety of options there that you can really enjoy.

  6. Success points: Try to remember the past successful experiences that you had. Definitely you’d find a number of them depending how old you are. There are moments when you felt so proud, even if it was for putting a cabinet together, or taking good care of your kids, or others. You be positive towards your past memories and focus on success.. …

  7. Avoid failures: If there was a bad luck at any point of your life, just leave it there. Free yourself of the burden of carrying the blame of being unsuccessful at certain things. After all nobody could be successful at everything. Nobody is perfect so enjoy what you’ve achieved no matter how simple it is.

  8. Support: Sure you’ll need someone to talk to, this is the nature of human beings. The like to share things with others. It feels isolated from people when you don’t have anyone to talk to. It gives you a relief to vent out your pending issues. For example, you had an upcoming appointment that you needed to be ready for and you didn’t know how to be ready for it. A close friend or relative can help you with that.

    Don’t be over sensitive carrying the burden alone. Reach out to people, talk about your fears. Free yourself of all the heavy negative thoughts and give a chance to others to help you out and to encourage you to do better. Nothing wrong in doing that.

  9. Treat others: Do not worry about others so long as you’re treating everyone the same and smile at whatever you hear from them. Assume that they mean well for you. There’s sometimes hundreds of interpretation for the same phrase or the same words. Assume that others have good intentions when they tell you things.

  10.  To be continued

Until we chat again, enjoy your life do your best with out hugs and kisses

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