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Is what you’re doing good enough?! 😉 Welcome back dearest great writers readers friends from everywhere: the US, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Romania, France, Norway, Jamaica, Australia, Czech Republic, Romania, Puerto Rico, Canada, Dominica, India, Hungary, Japan, Malaysia, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Poland,Portugal, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Morocco, Thailand, Italy, Russia, the UK, Jordan, South Africa,  Lebanon, Norway, South Korea, Jersey, Netherlands, Greece, Argentina, Brazil, China, and Chile! 😉


The CoronaVirus is still on the top of all other subjects are talked about. The reason is that it’s a matter of life or death. Really?

How about your kids whom were deployed abroad? Aren’t they supposed to be brought home to share that Deadly dilemma with their families or other citizens inland?

Yes, of course. The government is working on it!Image result for deployed

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