Remember to ask your Creator for forgiveness; it’s your one key to be saved! 😉 Welcome back writers readers friends everywhere: the US, Guatemala, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Mexico, France, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Cameroon, Canada, Singapore, Italy, the UK, and India! 😉

In Seattle & New York, Schools are closing their doors for protecting students, teachers, and administrators. 

This is the right step to take.Schooling will continue to be there but in a different form. You have your computer at home to learn while you’re being home. Teachers can explain things in writing. Administrators can count the hours online. It’s all good.

However, you want to stop this contagious epidemic, right? Your 2nd task after protecting yourself and your family is to fight that monstrous virus with all tools that you have, and you have plenty, trust me. 

You will start by yourself and you’ll talk to people whom you know about tips on how to get rid of that virus. You have already known about avoiding crowds and stay away from touching people. Also, you knew about wearing light plastic gloves.

Pay attention, until now, some people extend their hands to you to shake hands, pls do not feel embarrassed to refrain from shaking hands. It’s very important to raise awareness among others to do the right thing and protect yourself. 

The thing that you might not heard of yet is your nails. The advice was to trim your nails as short as possible coz in case you touch any surface or any animal that happen to carry that Deadly, it could sneak under your own nails and live there for few weeks. It’s like any other germ but ferocious to survive & cunning to live. 

Until we talk again, follow all good tips to fight that cursed corona virus, take breaks with your updated list, not to think about it from time to time. It’s exhausting but it’s your own life with our hugs and kisses sophieChannelWorthySmarter Loans 728X9020% off Malaysia EPTA Car Rental DealPlan your trip around the world with MyFlightSearch & Save up to $20.00** off our fee with promo code – ATW20. Book Now!50% Off Select Filtration Systems

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