Deadly’s News!

Sometimes doors opened to you and you never knew that they exist! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends readers from everywhere: the US, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Taiwan, Argentina, Indonesia, Spain, Germany, the UK, Thailand, Canada, India, & Sri Lanka! 😉

Here’s the last hours news about Deadly’s.

Image result for coronavirus us map today

Interested in the source? Here it is.

Image result for coronavirus us map today

More to read.

Here read more.

“Do you feel that some  people are not taking it seriously yet?”, Greg asked me yesterday. I said I didn’t know. I thought that everyone should be really concerned and that it was not a joke.

When it comes to matters of life or death, you should do your homework and try your best to be on the safe side along with your family. It doesn’t mean that you’d stop living but you’d act mature, alert, and cautious.

Until we chat again, go through healthy tips, you’d find plenty on our pages with our hugs and kisses


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