Deadly Here!

Are you awake? 😉 Welcome back dearest readers friends from the US, India, Canada, Dominican Republic, France, Italy, Puerto Rico, Croatia, Portugal, Thailand, Germany, Japan, Czech Republic, Sweden, Spain, and the UK! 😉

Is your government going to protect you from this?

What you need to know to keep yourself away from this Coronavirus in the US: CoronaVirusUSA

The province’s health commission also reported 349 news confirmed cases, significantly down from the 1,693 cases the previous day.

Nationwide, the cases have now reached 74,534.

That is the latest map of the virus spread in the USA. Pls be aware of what’s going on. It’s imperative that you’d clear your head and remind yourself that it’s now not far away from you.

It’s no longer in other countries. Sadly it was brought to your home.

Until we chat again, keep following up constantly and talk about it, until it’s all gone forever from your country and others with our hugs and kisses

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