Tireless we are of being thankful to all of you for being here with us in our own world! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, the UAE, Norway, Nigeria, India, Canada, the UK, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Israel, the UAE, Spain, Sri Lanka, Canada, HOng Kong SAR, and Germany! 😉

Hiking has its risks.

It’s tough to hike when you are a teenagers, how about if you did when you’re over long-healthy-life70s?

This has been the story that goes on most of your TV channels in this last week, looking for a couple who went for hiking, and they were both seniors.

Finally they were found in an awkward spot where they were saved and taken to the hospital. Latest 

It’s like a miracle to live for a whole week helpless not able to go home and nobody able to reach you.

Until we chat again, you can take a walk in the park better than a hike in the nowhere, or stay home with our posts and with our hugs and kisses

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