Reticent Humans!

Tomorrow is another day, but every time I read about time, and how we invented it, I feel like we’re living an illusion. But let us say welcome first to our dearest readers and friends, who would like to hear something new from the US, Chile, and Portugal 😉

These episodes of “Twilight Zone” are really quite interesting for many reasons one of them is that in our real life some of its futuristic dreamy theories (as it was at that time may be 60 or more years ago). Mind you that I’m using the time measurements that we invented. Probably it was completely another time, and another cycle, but we do not understand. Probably there is many other dimensions we didn’t discover yet. 

Image result for latest image of nasa

It is so fascinating how we see things and how we act so sure about them as if they are the full truth. And time proved that for us over the years. At one time, we – humans – believed that we were not able to communicate except through the long telephone wires, or that we couldn’t go places except on feet.

It is hard to believe that there people just like you and I anywhere else: on another planet. or that there is another you on several other planets, and that each one of your you is at a certain age. In other words, on one planet there is you as a baby, while there is another you as a 3yrs old, and another as a 5, 7, or whatever age you could think of, but each one of them on a different planet, for a purpose, a reason, or a system that we do not know yet!

In a little bit, we will chat some more. Until then, here’s our hugs and kisses ❤

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