Inside of You!

Hello everyone and welcome to our pages. Thank you friends and readers from the US, Romania, Singapore, Greece, and Guatemala 😉

We got a letter from a psychology class student mentioning an incident that happened to him during his studentship period at California State University at Long Beach. He said that his schooling was quite traditional and that was why he regarded his college education as a necessary means to an end. He took a course in abnormal psychology that shaped his life.

One day as he drove to his part-time job in a neuropsychiatric hospital, he had a feeling that the psychology class he enrolled in was slowly changing his point of view. His professor advised him to look beyond the labels when he dealt with patients.

A new patient arrived to the hospital only 4 years old with a label of “autistic”. He could see all the theoretical descriptions that he had read about earlier. He engaged with that kid in games and other variety of activities, and a bond between them was created.  At moments he had tears in his eyes, while handling that kid.

He understood what his professor said one day to him about labels and how they Image result for inside waterwould only serve to make things easy, but the truth about each case was for the student to find out, but his experience didn’t last for long, it was shattered one day when he knew that the kid he bonded with was labeled forever moved upon the advice of the hospital staff to a mental hospital to stay there for the rest of his life.

That was heart-breaking for him!

This is life, it brings things to us, we deal with them, but only for a while, then things change. Nothing will continue to be the same forever, except few, inside of you!

Until we talk again, we love you all, guys. Here’s our hugs and kisses ❤


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