1Zumba, Drug Free!

Thank you our fabulous readers from everywhere. We miss you, and we are here today to say thank you for being with us, wherever you are, and particularly for our new friends from the US, Indonesia, Peru, Austria, UAE, n Thailand 😉

For few days I’ve been hesitant about posting this article or not, for many reasons, and I think you would understand what I mean when you read it.

Dear 1Zumba friend, I’m feeling hungry, I think I’ll take a bite, while writing this for  you 🙂

Free the people of the burden of paying to learn! If I had a school, I will accept all ages, from all countries, from all backgrounds, it’s a free internet age. I would have the open-options syllabus  for students, via an internet connection. I would let each student take her time in studying or doing her homework. 

Stephen M. sent me a letter, saying that he had some evidence against a big shot who sells drugs to kids (students), and that if anybody knows that he had those evidences, he would be in a huge danger. He’s asking me what to do. I am not the right person to take an advice from in such dangerous situation, as you mentioned.

The 2nd part of your letter, which deals with the high rank official, who would end u or kill u, n that nobody would ever believe u when u show them your proofs. It is completely your choice, a president, a queen, or a prince, when it comes to something as bad as drugs, and hurting our little ones, there must be a life stand! It takes a lot of courage, and people die every day defending  their  own principles. 

I suggest that you would consult this matter with someone in the drug prevention department, or call 311, I think they can provide you with some numbers.

This is all for now, coz I have to catch up with an important meeting, but as soon as I’m done, I’ll come back to talk some more about our drug free lives.  Be assertive, and get involved for the sake of your loved ones, in having a drug free community. It’s for your best, and for the best of your children. We have to be all together in this, anywhere you are 😉

Love you all guys, and I still remember the photo for the lake, I’ll publish it soon. Kisses ❤



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