1Zumba Fluke

This nice young mom, who  has a two yrs old princess, and who is expecting soon another princess, is Thanya Marcellino, is still attending to her 1Zumba classes,  as an instructor, in spite of the fact that it could be her due month.

Furthermore, She eagerly participated in our project of 1Zumba Fitness Awareness, because she believed that it was our duty to raise awareness among people about this fantastic fitness & Weight loss method: 1Zumba.

In the meantime, she’s working hard, as a co-partner in Our Studio, and as a manager for the place too. The multiple roles she plays; as a manager, a 1Zumba instructor,  a business woman, a mom, and others, would make you wonder how she is able to manage all of these activities at the same time. It makes you curious to know more about how she entered into this field, what her background is, and what kind of skills assisted her in becoming this person.

Having an interview with Thanya was a pleasant experience, and part of her voice’s recording  included the following inscription:

“My name is Thanya Marcelino, I’ve been a 1Zumba instructor for four & half yrs. I have danced all my life, n I had scholarships for dance stuff. College was too expensive, so I stopped n I put on a lot of weight. One day my mom invited me to a free class so I went. It was fun, i though I could probably do this, so I took classes for about 6 months then I got license.

My mom is not a 1Zumba instructor, but she likes to try new things, whatever is the latest she would do it. She’s been an active figure in the Brazilian Community, here locally, n it was a Brazilian lady who was teaching the class.

When u’re in college, u’re financially tied, it’s hard to do things that you enjoy, I literally went coz it was free, I wouldn’t have got other wise. When I was in college I couldn’t do it, coz I was broke, I couldn’t afford it. I was studying advertisement at the Academy of Art, the main reason I didn’t dance was financial.

The main reason I didn’t continue college, is that I wasn’t really like it. I said I would take a break n then continue then I never got back. I started my business, I was going to my senior year, n I thought I didn’t really want to work in this, I wanted to work something else, so why would I finish?

It’s not like I was gonna do something with this while paying around $ 30-40, 000 for it. I didn’t think of going to a business school, not coz I thought school was not a good thing, it’s just I think that there’s some things, like business for example, where a lot of stuff in business u really learn in the real world.

n I started working since I was really young, I started with my uncle to work in business, so I didn’t feel I need to go to business school. He had a dealership then he started a business for investment, for car loans. we still did a lot, we buy the car and finance it; it was almost like a dealer, but we didn’t have a dealership. We sold cars on consignment, this was 2009, we started 2010 after the depression started, I was working for my uncle, n I didn’t want to work for him anymore.

It was a lot of work , n I kept trying “YOU’ll have somebody else do this” coz I have something else. I like to do a lot better.

I started teaching 1Zumba classes, and I was pretty successful,making a decent money, why would I want to do this (uncle’s work) while I dont’ even like it? But he didnt’ let go so at last I had to quit and start my own business.

How? I was teaching a drop-in classes; it was kind of fluke. I got licensed in May, n in July I started teaching at Curves, and within two months I had a bunch of classes, four classes a week. Then the friend who invited me, at the very beginning, she called me, it was Bally’s went out of business.

They wanted to keep their license open, coz they could possibly put a gym there. This company owns a bunch of different companies-locations. One of the companies they own is a gym.

So it was possibly that they would put a gym in the building, but they didn’t know yet what it was gonna be; so it was like: “We want to keep our license open so that we can show the city that we are doing something here, we’re gonna let you, guys, just use the space; use the space n put up a sign n just u can take all the money.” Yeh! No rent, “Here’s a big space just use it”, so we did, I was very successful.

The classes were packed n I started doing more classes n they wouldn’t want us to use it trice a week coz they originally, they didn’t really want us to be there. We were there just to keep the fitness license open so I would turn my classes to another place.

Six months later, they decided to tear the building down, n have the gym somewhere else, so I decided to find another place, and classes were doing well.”

[To be continued]

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