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Hey Gorgeous!

dcFollowing the steps of Steve Harvey, in “Family Feud”, we asked a hundred women and men why do they like the movies of James Bond or 007, to which they answered each according to her/his interest in the movie. The top answers included responses such as:

  • It’s entertaining                                                              
  • It makes me excited
  • It’s worth the ticket I buy
  • I follow-up with Bond since childhood
  • To see new ideas or new technology
  • I love Daniel Craig

  • It’s a huge production worth watching

  • It’s the third movie worldwide in its gross return in the box office

In spite of the fact that every single person came up with an answer thinking it’s only her/his own; the truth is that, there has been a lot of similar responses that were given by other audience as well.

That being said, we can say that most people agreed on certain points in 007 movies, including entertainment, excitement, new opinions, development of James Bond character in itself, etc… But wait a minute, these movies have a set pattern with very limited variety, which is called repeated distinctive motifs:

  • Bond girls
  • Assigning briefing sessions
  • Attempts to kill Bond
  • Bond getting villains
  • Chase sequence

The element of music is ultimately effective, the gun barrel with Bond appearing in that tiny hole, and more to know about several kinds of analysis, if you follow this link  🙂

The 007 movie then  is a certain formula: an extremely successful one, although it has been the same for more than 50 yrs. It never failed!

Now, someone is asking: “What does this have to do with Zumba?” Well, my friend, it has to do with everything present in Zumba. When I asked my daughter, what do you think is in common between 007 n Zumba; she promptly said: “Physical movements”, then she said, as if wandering if her answer was correct or not: “What?” I said: “Energy!?”  I was, in my mind, wondering too; coz it was not only energy. It came to me that there was plenty of other elements as well. Anyway, there was no right or wrong answer for that question. But asking that question opened the door for more digging to find more answers.

Action! Of course. In Zumba, we move, listen to music, coordinate our shakes to the music, follow our instructor, scream to take our breath, bend back n forth, jump, squad, turn our bodies, our heads, arms, legs, shake every part of our bodies, drink water, take deep breath, n sing sometimes with the song. It is unquestionable that we live the action with Zumba. It’s exactly the same with 007, not only watching the action on the large screen though, but also living it ourselves.

In 007, there is a tremendous amount of energy no doubt about that. Every single scene has vigorous buoyancy.

How about excitement? We get excited when we watch Bond normally for example if he is about to be killed by someone, or chasing someone trying to catch  the bad guys. In Zumba we get thrilled, in reaction to music, or in reaction to dancing with music feeling free of our daily  burdens, like kids with no responsibilities, just focusing on music and exercising.

Entertainment:  In James Bond, 007 is the main source of entertainment for us with other characters and other movie elements, while in Zumba, it is your instructors, and other Zumba class elements, including songs, rhythms, the place itself, or the people .

Probably part of what people like in James Bond‘s movies, is that characters in the movie are known to them. In addition to the main Bond’s role, there is a bunch of known-in-advance characters: his colleagues, his preferred secretary, his enemy, his superiors, n the girl with whom he would be flirting. People like it coz of the combination of elements: adventures, action, love, sex, chasing, chemistry between the characters, pretty girls, new inventions, cars, guns, technology, plans, plot, etc

spWhy people want to see more of Bond? Why they want to hear more? coz there is a development in actions, in perception of things, in life itself, new inventions were not there when their first movie started evolution: pretty girls: adventures, love, sex (open or covered), the chemistry between the protagonist and the girl/heroine, the small side little stories inside the film between each character n the other. 

Thank you for being with us, from everywhere in our beautiful world 😉


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