Wont to Mirage!

Why are you after a mirage all the time? In fact, it is not only you. It’s almost everyone! Welcome our friends from everywhere; especially the US, India, Ireland, Panama, China, Turkey, and the UK 😉

Someone keeps buying land and his dream is to be number 1 owner of land. Another seeks more power, while a third is after fame, and all try to capture a mirage. 

Why does it have to be a race? Is this why we are created? Do you think so? I don’t think so although I’m doing the same: following a mirage.

Image result for Money people who adore money to a great extentOur existence does not mean a lot for us, or may be it does, but the point is that its meaning has become so obscure that we no longer even know exactly what it means?

Why Bother? It’s all philosophical matters.

But it matters! We need to do what we are born for, but we will never know, and that is why we do what we do: drink, eat, sleep, make love, compete, seek power, & so forth.

Yet the majority are not happy.

Millions are losing their minds, millions are disabled, billions are homeless, billions are lost, millions are criminals, etc.

Never mind happiness for now, we are talking about existence, is there a reason for our existence? 

Yes, some say that it is reproduction. How so if we do not know our mission on Earth?

They claim that reproduction is our mission.

But another theory is that we are one part of a chain. You are one ring in a chain, I am one ring too, and so is everyone else. Each one of us is one ring. If one ring did not exist, the whole chain will fall apart and we will not achieve the purpose intended for this chain.

Oh! We have limited senses, just forget about it, and live your life.

Hmm! Sure, why not. I will and you will, since we both are wont to seeking the mirage!

Until we chat again, catch up with all what you’ve missed. Leave comments. I assure you, you’d get inspired.

With our hugs and kisses ❤

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