1Zumba Bears


Hello everyone! Hello our dear readers and visitors from Russia, the  US, Algeria, Spain, Egypt, Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, n Canada 😉


Hey my 1Zumba friend, so busy, I am to have a chance to answer any of your questions today. By tomorrow, probably, Amy would reply for few of your inquiries, I promise 😉


I have just watched that next generation robot snaps, n I thought it would be nice to share it with all of you. It is great to reach that level of creativity, isn’t it?  Also, it reminds us of our own, being created so beautifully.


Also, it reminds us of many things, one of which is to say “thank you” for everything we have, coz in spite of all of our technological accomplishments, we still cannot create one follicle of our natural hair yet.

We are good only at crying to the Creator asking for help, when something goes wrong with our lives. Once a problem passed, we forget even to say thank you for having our problems solved and getting our lives back 😕

Thank you for being with us today. Due to examinations n intensive duties for the month of March, our posts would be a bit shorter. But still we will try to answer as many questions as possible. Thank you for your understanding. Bear with us 1Zumba Bears 😉





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