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Hello and welcome to our world! Thank you for joining us, and reading our post. Our team is so proud of having you all from everywhere, and of having such a lovely group of new visitors from the US, Russia, the UK, Brazil, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, n Australia 😉

We know that we have many questions and inquiries from you, and we try to answer as many as possible. We only publish answers for those who gave us their permission to do that, so make sure when you send any question, to advise us whether or not, you want us to post and share its answer or not pls. Thanks 😉

Today we have a lovely young lady, who is working in the field of Real Estate. Oh, my dear 1Zumba friend, no it is not Patty! Haha! But we have have Patty’s Corner next time, if you have already miss her that much.

CathOur 1Zumba friend today,  is Cathy, and she will introduce herself to all of you. She will also answer all your questions, and if you feel like asking more, pls send your questions the way we mentioned before. Go ahead pls, Cathy

  • How long have you been in the Real Estate /a housewife/ yoga fun ?

I have been in the Real estate industry for over 10 successful years in Contra Costa County, with experience in Real Estate Investment, Residential Buying/selling. Lived in Antioch, CA, and Brentwood, CA, since 2000 and have called Brentwood, CA, my home and work. I am  Passionate about the needs and goals of all my clients.

A yoga fun/ Almost a year I love yoga, it’s not the  handstand or becoming flexible. The goal is to create space within you. To appreciate your body and become aware of the mind and the noise it creates. 

housewife: We Just celebrated our 15 yrs  wedding anniversary! (January 20, 2001)

  • What kind of interests you have? 

DecorI have lots of interests, here’s some …. I love to go running, hiking, baking, and decorating is one of my passion and spending time with family. 

  • What is your ultimate dream?

To continue learning new things and discover new things.

  • What is your favorite color?

Blue and purple

  • Do you feel that there is a certain message that you want to deliver for our readers?

Expect nothing, appreciate everything. Just be you. Dream your dreams, like what you like and stick to your gut feelings. Be 100% truly, deeply, strangely, passionately you. Because you are ENOUGH….

  • Can you tell our readers something they do not know about your sports?

I also Cross fitter. 😆  

  • Is there any funny or embarrassing situation o or that happened to you when you first started …….?

I was thinking i was okay shape because i always go to the gym Hahahaha! The hardest part of crossfit. Don’t be afraid to push yourself, but make sure you know your body and don’t get injured…. 😕

  • Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

Still able to do what I love and progress more.

  • How do you choose your daily routine?

have a program….  

  • How far you can go with …….exercises?

Far as I can go I like to push my self and of course  I always listen to my body.

We give our deep thanks for Cathy for her sharing all these info with us, and we wish her all the best. Also we wish each one of you “Good Luck” in anything you’ve been doing. Stay cool guys, and always focus on your 1Zumba targets  😉

Until we talk again soon, with a new interesting and useful subject, here’s my kisses & love ❤


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