Perilous Cosmetics!

Dear readers and friends from the US, Czech Republic, Brazil, Ghana, Dominica, the UK, Canada, France , and India,  welcome to our pages. Enjoy yourself as always 😉

Sometimes people are so down! You try to cheer them up or to comfort them with the truth, but ….. anyway we have to mention that, for long time, there has been frightening facts about cosmetics and harmful factors included in it.

People have ideas about beauty and its standards and they act in many weird ways to conform to what they believe it was true.

Ancient Egyptians drew their eyes with malachite (a green ore of copper), galena ( a lead sulfide), and kohl (a paste made from soot , fat, and metals such as lead). May be that made them pretty, but it gave them illnesses.

The ancient Greeks applied lead to their entire faces to cover skin problems of coloration. Many health problems resulted from doing that. The lead creamwhitened their skin but poisoned them.


Lead basically was a main element in cosmetics for long time and only until the nineteenth century the American Medical Association (AMA) published paper about the connection between lead in cosmetics and health concerns. Despite the availability of this information, seller still offered powders and potions that contained harmful chemicals and other materials.

FDA (The Food & Drug Administration) was successful in getting rid of many perilous cosmetics; nonetheless, there is still far more than anyone could imagine. The promotional campaign for cosmetics products are so persuading and the people easily fall into its traps. The profits are super crazy, and the sales are unthinkable.

The high risk of getting many dangerous diseases such as infertility, birth defects, or mental disorder did not prevent people from using cosmetics products. Educated or uneducated people are acting the same, except for a few number of people who appreciate more the beauty of the health rather than the poisonous cosmetics.

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Until we talk again, our kisses and hugs. 



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