Leading-Edge Cashiers!

Time to shine, but be careful money can be defeated; it’s unwise to entirely depend on it! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Germany, China, and India! 😉

Libby argued with Eddy: “‘Caissier’ in French is ‘cashier’ in English. The sound is very similar and the origin is French.”

So what is a cashier?

An employee who handles the financial transactions of a company. In most situations, a cashier works directly at a cash register, ringing up the customer’s purchases and collecting their payment. Cashiers are found almost anywhere a customer can purchase an item, such as supermarkets, restaurants, and retail stores.

What are the duties of a cashier?

Pasta EvangelistsTo receive and disburse money in establishments other than financial institutions. Cashiers are tasked with processing debit cards and making credit card transactions, either with the general public.

  1. Cross-Sale.
  2. Issue customers cash refunds and store credits
  3. Tally money in cash drawers when commencing your shift so you can provide change to customers.
  4. Greet customers at the entrance to your store.
  5. Sort, count and wrap currency and coins according to denominations.
  6. Make sure checkout areas are clean and tidy.
  7. Balancing the drawer by the end of the work day similar to a teller.
  8. Use the paging system to assist customers.
  9. Mark prices on store items and make sure shelves are well-stocked.
  10. Other duties when applicable.

Linda, a cashier, who lost her job lately, said that the technology took away my job, and that she was no longer able to afford her living expenses or her  health insurance.

Your job might be next, so pay attention and think of what happens when technology takes over more and more jobs from your family, friends, neighbors or co-workers.


Leslie said that scientists and innovators are so busy with what they could evolve and develop while they need to think first if they should do that and how any of their work could affect human beings.

But it has been always the case for many years, actually forever since the beginning of life. You can’t change this fact, so what can you do?

AmGoYou can’t stop technology, you can’t stop Amazon from expanding. It’s like a giant monster getting anything out of its way.

You are losing your job for machines or tech., coz some new self-automated stores will be handling customers without the need for any check-out points, which is amazing and great for making more money, but cutting out the socialization element in your life. Amazon Go is one example.

It’s turning you into some robotic behavior, cutting you out of more human interaction, which has already been happening  by your cell phone. A grand father complained about his four grand-kids. None of them contacted or visited him. He said they were all busy with their cell phones, even when he visited them during holidays.

“A lot of people will gleefully praise the end of the checkout line without realizing they are praising someone’s job loss. Cashiers are not as deeply rooted in American nostalgia as the steelworker or the coal miner, mainly because cashiers’ salaries are not as high and their symbolism not as potent.

But we are in a race against the machines we have created, mainly because we can’t figure out how to create new jobs for the people we displace. This problem is not going to go away, nor is it going to be limited to the working class.

The answer is: you need to be realistic, and you need to deal with it. Find solutions. It is similar to any other problem you face in your life. Identify the problem: Keeping your job and not losing it for a machine. Then, you come up with the job that machines cannot do. Stick to it!

Qatar Airways

“Automation stands to affect white-collar jobs too, like sports journalists, anesthesiologists and financial analysts to name a few, according to a recent piece in Fortune. A 2013 Oxford University study estimated that 47 percent of all American jobs could be taken over by computers by 2033.”

It is no surprise anymore. Find the solution instead of just criticizing it!

Until we talk again, keep shining with our topics, and our hugs and kisses

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