Nothing Matters!

You can cover up for all your stinky evil deeds, but they will never go away! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, Trinidad & Tobago, and Romania! 😉

“It happened to you as it happened to me”, Marian said to Polly. Polly nodded her head agreeing with tears in her eyes.

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No matter how rich or successful you are, you need to address your personal needs. Otherwise, at one point, you’d feel nothing matters any more.

Reasons for being unhappy though successful:


You do not take good care of yourself. You’re taken by achieving your business goals, not paying attention to your own needs. Here’s how you handle this:

.Take regular breaks throughout your day, to refresh and recover from your daily tasks.

. At least one full day off for quality time with your loved ones.

. Vacations not necessarily to new places, it could be with your old parents,where you’d get some warm real love.


What happens when you feel bored? You seek some entertainment browsing the internet or watching a movie, etc but this is not the solution, coz it only add to your memory trivia nothing else. You need to seek a real challenge that you like to try. Think of something that you always want to do: surfing, having a boat ride, jumping a tree. It doesn’t have to be any specific thing, it’s rather something that you’d really like to try and enjoy..

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Your own priorities come last or never come, this is when you are overwhelmed. Here’s a few tips:

. Forget about your emails.

. What will happen if you didn’t check on your phone for a day or two?

. Save any energy you put in pleasing others.

. Eliminate unnecessary meetings.


All your relationships could be superficial, and none of them is satisfying for you. Work on that:

. Improve the quality of your relationships.

. Build up your family ties, friends or neighbors.

. Commit yourself to improving your most important relationship and think of one weekly activity that you could do with this person.



Avoid negativity by all means. Stay away from negative people; they would only bring you negative vibes.

. Getting used to reading an inspiring book,blog, or article is so positive. It generates positiveness inside of you.

. Look for what brings the happiness sensation to your heart. Do it more if this is the key!Qatar Airways

Until we talk again, stay positive among our topics, with our hugs and kisses

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