1Zumba Walk & Talk!

Hello everyone! Our current & new readers from everywhere, in particular from the US, Mexico, Australia, Peru, Brazil, n Philippines,we are very pleased to welcome you to our 1Zumba.com. 😉

As we tour around the world, invading all matters of life, we bring you the most exciting trends of stories from today’s most respected and innovative minds 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend,  your birth sign may tells me few things about you, but I want to know more, from you, yourself, so talk to me, let us be part of your existence. Are we asking for a lot?  May be, but as you know, for a good reason 

Because 1Zumba.com is No.# 1 in bringing you new ideas of life and entertainment, we’ve worked hard to to focus on not only exceptional brains, but also genius opinions. 

Let’s first have a collage taken by our group members during the “Walk & Talk” exercise we had on Saturday.

Experience with us this revival event for your senses. But it does more than feeding your body and mind- it feeds your soul too.  This is our philosophy that lays behind our walks. Try it sometime, you’d be amazed of its outcomes.

A daily walk provides physical benefits, mental balance without paying a cent. It is said that there is 5 benefits of walking that every chiropractic patient should know.


To those of you who were joining us for the first time, and to those who have returned for another dose, keep remembering that “Walk & Talk” is an exercise that can be done with any of your friends. You will talk about any issue that bothers you, or keep your mind anxious. You will also listen to that friend and respond to her/his question. It’s like an exchange of issues that are pending in your life, and you need to hear the opinion of someone who is not in that circle to see it better.

Walking is very crucial  in our lives, its benefits are endless. More to know about things related to walking that you don’t know about, click here.

Dear, 1Zumba friends, it has been long lovely day, except I miss your topics so much, but what to do this is life my dear, and I’ll be back with you in few moments.

So here’s my big hug, think of me, until we chat again 😉


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