Rated R!

Do you think that there is still enough time for you to leave a good memory on Earth before you leave? 😉 Hi there! Welcome back great people from the US, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Ghana, Italy, Germany, India, American Samoa, and Canada! 😉 

Here we meet again with a new chat and a new hope.

Swinging between completing a previous talk or critiquing a new movie, and may be we should do both as Nancy said.20181224_142033The movie was brought via Redbox. We watched it in a group of neighbors and friends. Each one of us gave a solo comment according to how the movie was perceived. Here’s the main points that were mentioned and discussed:

. Names of actors, none of us knew, except one face we recognized was the actress of “Up in the Air”with George Clooney and she was talking exactly the same way.
. Liking the movie poster- it felt as a new angle or design.
. One unnecessary liberal painting the camera chose to focus on for some unknown reason.20181224_130839

. Dislike the kissing girls scene, it was irrelevant and didn’t add anything.
. Criticizing the excessive calls everyone receives for promotional purposes such as “You win a trip for Hawaii”. It was done really smart with excellent timing.
. Finding similarity between enjoying being a mom and someone who had a brain damage was so pessimistic.
. A number of scenes resembled other movies, as if were taken from other movies, but re-arranged; such as parents gossiping, I.T. house, Julie & Julia, etc..
. Difficult to give a specific genre for the movie since it had a suspense, dark comedy, thrill, drama, and bizarre.
. A kid’s language with an adult was inappropriate, but it was a fact that some parents are no longer capable of controlling the tongues of their kids as they keep repeating words like parrots then it become a habit to use vulgar language even with parents.

There are plenty of reviews about it, if you’re interested to know more. Oh! It’s called “A Simple Favor” and we don’t recommend it as a family movie. It’s almost 3 stars rating with an R category.

Until we chat again, why don’t you suggest some titles in your coming posts, after getting a glimpse at the past topics for this year, with our hugs and kisses ❤



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