Rethink Lucky!

Whenever you feel lonely, think of us. We are all here for you! 😉

hobbies-happy-670x335You must have already read a lot about luck and how some people are luckier than others. Is this true? Do you consider yourself lucky? What is luck anyway?

Clearly, it is all depends on you and how you see life and how you adjust to the circumstances. In other words, you could be the luckiest one on Earth if this is how you feel about yourself. Or you can feel that luck betrays you and that you should have done things differently in order to get the kind of luck you are impatiently looking for.

While you think that your luck is irrelevant of your actions, others think that actions is completely related to luck or being lucky.

What controversy: Is a controversy misrepresented or blown out of  proportion?Psychologists differ in opinion; each of them adopts a theory about luck that opposes other theories in addition to the change of opinions they justify based on random situations.

Your conclusion is “Confusion”. The more you read about luck, the more you see how contradicting opinions are when it comes to this subject. Isn’t that the case with all subjects?

Not really! 🙄

Intelligence For Your Life - Tennessee Williams Once Said, "Luck Is  Believing You're Lucky."You might be talented in finding ideas or you might feel it is difficult to come up with your own. It’s like running out of thoughts that could connect you to your special story.


Your luck is only with you. If you feel satisfied of what you do, you will feel lucky; but if you are not, you’ll feel unlucky. In the latter case, you need to look for what will bring in your satisfaction. This will be your key and rethink lucky.

Dearest friends everywhere, it is great to know new friends every single day; therefore, we thank everyone of you who spend few moments feeling our words. Our special thanks go for friends from the US, the UK, Nigeria, India, Philippines, Argentina, Russia, Sweden, Brazil, Pakistan, Sweden, Netherlands, China, Canada, Germany, Hungary, South Africa, Mexico, Romania, Peru, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Kenya, Indonesia, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Japan, Turkey, Mexico, Italy, UAE, Croatia, France, Kosovo, Colombia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Pakistan, Jamaica, and all! 😉
Until we talk again, trust yourself. Only you can bring your good luck, and get inspired, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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