Do you always want to better yourself? If yes, you are a great person with a smart mind and a rare heart! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, the UK, Brazil, Italy, Philippines! 😉

Now, pay attention. When Stuart ask you: “Do you know how to use a forklift?”, is he asking you if you know how to use a specific forklift?

The answer is NO. Is he asking you if you can operate a forklift? Again, the answer is NO. Is he indicating that there is a forklift that he wants you to use for him? NO NO.

Cashmere in Love    When Amy says: “The customer brought the screwdriver, and waiting for someone to help.” Is there any indication that she wants someone to disassemble a table for a customer?” NO!

There was nothing like that although she didn’t specify what kind of help a customer needs.

Lately, many people have miscommunication due to the vagueness of the statement or the question they ask. I hope you are not one of those frustrated people, who struggle with communication with others. 

The fact that the rhythm of life has become faster than the thoughts you have, inside your mind, probably has affected you or others, but you shouldn’t be giving up on being clear in your question or in your statement, if you expect to be answered to, without any miscommunication.

Miscommunication can be simple or complicated. It can be dangerous when in critical situations, such as in hospitals,  in military usage, or others.

Your solution is simply to repeat what yo’re intending to say in your mind, before uttering it, and if it made sense to you, go ahead and ask; if not, try to re-organize your thoughts.

Until we chat again, stay cool getting your pure inspiration from being among our pages, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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