1B Free of ThugS’ Abuse! 1Zumba?

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She was crying hysterically for over two hours. She said her brothers and husband wanted to slaughter her.

Although her husband is unemployed disabled individual depending entirely on her, he remains ungrateful, demanding that she feed him, buy him cigarettes and nuts, and to give him money to spend on his own kids, all while being beaten and humiliated.

She run away from her country with him, after convincing him that living in the U.S. would be better option, but he was a thug all the time.

In fact, she didn’t have a say in her marriage from him to begin with. Upon her initial refusal she was beaten, removed from her high school, and threatened with slaughter in the same manner that her old sister was threatened and abused when she refused to marry a man she did not like.

She said that girls are treated with cruelty from all men in her country, and that she never felt safe among her family, who had forced her into two consecutive marriages against her will.

Grief and defeat permeated her voice when she said, “At last, I have fled from that second husband and began to live by myself. For the first time in my life I feel as a human being! But they do not want me to know this feeling or to enjoy life without a tyrant.

Our 100 Questions Competition question for today is:

She said she never realized she had rights or that her rights should be respected. Since birth, she was considered a source of shame, and anything she’d found joy such as education was prohibited lest it somehow brought shame onto her family. “It was not only me,” she said, “it was all the girls in my town”.

Image result for women saying no for abuseNo girl dares to have a choice in anything related to her life. May be a pet at home receives better treatment!” I was sorry to hear such depressing incident, which took place in South American town. 

I felt so deeply sorry to hear this, it is agonizing to read it or to hear it. I thought that, now, we live in a better world, with freedom for everyone, but it seems that it is not the case everywhere in our wide yet tiny world.  Thugs are still out there, doing what they want to do. It’s a worldwide issue, and raising awareness about it, is good, but not enough 😦

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