Best in Feasts!

Lucky to have all these feasts? I bet you are! Thanks for coming back to our pages, including the US, Uganda, Australia, Germany, Ecuador, Serbia, Belgium, the UK, Kenya, n Denmark 😉

Here’s the answer to your question that was sent to us concerning the  similarities between Eid Adha and Thanksgiving:

The first thing that comes to  mind is that they are both celebrations or feasts. People get together and feel happy to have the occasion. They impatiently wait for this day, and it is off work of course! 😆

In both Eid Adha and Thanksgiving Day, people typically spend it with family, friends, or anyone else who is celebrating with them.  It is usually a day of feasting featuring a huge meal with stuffed lamb in the first or a stuffed turkey in the second.Feasts

Stuffing a lamb or a turkey takes a real talent. It is better to buy it ready to eat. Usually the stuffing is rice, nuts, breadcrumbs, spices, or others. Each one use the stuffing that they like the most. Sometimes, the stuffing is ready-made  in packages. For dessert, many sweets are eaten during both occasions. Pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and may be Baklava for Eid Adha.

In both festivities, people give the poor, and prepare meals for them, donate money or other products such as clothes and food products. 

Prayers is part of the festivals in both as well.

So can we see the soul of both occasions or feasts? Obviously, it’s the people; kids, youth, adults, seniors all together smiling at each other, feeling happy, relaxing, passing compliments to each other. However it is not only that, it’s rather people thanking the Creator for all the blessings they have. 

The same celebrations, I bet you’ll find  in all cultures, as you would feel grateful in a way or another for having plenty of blessings, the exact same way many of us do. It’s having this faith that distinguish us. Fascinating!

Until we talk again, here’s our hugs and kisses


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