Agape SuperStars!

Some things can’t wait! Hello and welcome to our pages, friends from the US, New Zealand, and China 😉

We’re adding to our 7000 SuperStars this post from Agabe, with young people talking about their own lives.

My name is Asiimwe Esther I am 13 years old and I am in foam 2 I make unicycle toys during my free time and revise my books following my timetable . I also learn 

how to sell these unicycle toys,we make them and during the weekend we go and sell them on streets and we get money for school fees, rent and some other bills.
I also get to learn what the teachers teach me in different subject like history, biology, maths,geography, accounts and computer. I sleep in an orphanage from where I go to school and come back and we make the toys and then revise our book s. Here at agape we have afield where we play from and we play games like Hawkeye netball , football, volleyball and chess.
A part from the lessons I get in school, I also get to learn how love one a mother and love God .also our mother tells us how we should behave and councils in many ways.
I came at agape in 2010 with my mother I come to this place because my mother was unable to pay for me my school fees and she decided to bring me here at agape. The teachers treat me very well because I always do what they tell me go do like doing the home work and obey them too. I am happy to be at agape because I found hop e at this place.
I got encouraged that no matter what I will stand and reach where I am going. I feel good about learning because I am doing well academically and in future I want to be a lawyer. Take care.
Good example. can we get a picture for a unicycle toy, and Hawkeye netball pls. What is foam 2? Pls choose another child around 9 or 10 yrs old, and also ask him/her to describe his views about the school, teacher, activities, and what is his dream. Thnx.
My name is Nansubuga carol from Agape Children’s home they teach how to make 
Nansubuga Caroline

unicycle toys and cars from wires and also revise my books as a student I study well at school and favorite subjects are math English and physics I sleep in agape home and I also study from a good place.

At agape home we have field where we play from games like socket swimming volleyball which is my favorite among all According to agape home it’s a God founded home and they reach how to respect My elders and educating me Li I came to agape home when I was still young in after the death of My father and My mother didn’t have enough Care for all of us because we where many and I was not schooling
I At agape home the teachers are so kind to me and care for me in any situation I face Am very happy at agape home because I get wheat whatever I need and take me as child and am very great full I feel well whenever am at school and in future I want to become a specialist in doctoring and am in Senior three Form two is secondary two student language. OK David 9 ,Gedeon 10 ,Raymond 10
Unicycle toy
Am by the names Nagiro Raymond . I am 10 years old . Am in primary four .I came 
Raymond 10 years
here after my brother who was living at the school told Papa that he saw me on the town streets begging for Money and asked him if he can keep me at the school where am living now.
At the school I make unicycle toys and wire cars at the school . At the school am treated well at the school because whenever am sick , they provide me medical Care . Am also helped in the subjects that challenge me at the school.
During my leisure time after school l play football,chess,and netball. In future l desire to be a professional footballer because whenever l see the world’s professional footballers like Ronaldo I and Messi I desire to be like them.


My name is Gideon Shyaka. I am in primary four I am 10 years old. I came with my

Gideon 10 years

mother after the death of my father. My father passed away when I was still young and my mother was unable to pay my school fees and she decided to bring at agape so that I may go to school.

I am treated well whenever I am at school and I am able to acquire knowledge and understanding . The teacher also me well,they make sure that I understand what they teach us through giving me home work. I like playing football and table tennis . In future I want to be a driver because I want to drive presidents.
David 9 years
Am David Uwushaka am nine years old and am in primary three and I came at agape home in 2011 when I had Iost my father When am at school I feel well because I meet new children.
And I Like to make friends My teachers airways help me in my work and they also encourage me to read my books The activities l always do in free time are football and basketball In future l want to become a pastor in order to preach to the people all over the world.
Oh! Great job!
I’ll try to have it ready to publish this week I hope. Thank you.

We like to thank Mwessa W. Magezi for her help with that interview arrangement. We hope that you like our new post with this wonderful group of kids from Agape.

Until we talk again, here’s our kisses and hugs ❤



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