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Nancy Green said that empowerment is the authority and permission to act; but we would add that it doesn’t have to be a verbal permission at all, it could be the encouragement on your part for your team to go ahead and use their brains and take an appropriate decision.

Empowerment is the will you have, managers, to push forward your crew to act better and to think better, to be ready for any situation that they encounter, to come up with solutions for problems in a creative way, and more.

Empowerment is like an unsaid tool that you as a manager can use to have your team sharing responsibility where you would have a goal in common, and all working towards that goal.

It is an easy word to be said, may be; however it carries a lot of meaning. An empowered team is a strong team. You are giving birth to new leaders, who in turn will create their own teams, and empower them too.

How to empower your employees?

. Ask for new ideas, you’d be surprised of how full of ideas some of your employees are. Give them a chance to express these new ideas, it might lead to a boom in your business.

. Delegate part of your responsibility to a number of your employees whom you feel that they would be good leaders.EmpowerSophie

. Trust your employees. This might be hard to do, but you would discover on the long run who would earn your complete trust, and who would not.

. Select reliable employees, who understand the basic business operation you have, to be your first ones to be empowered, and gradually add more.

. Be an example in everything, whether you empower your employees or not, being a good mentor is an essential characteristic that would make your team realize  how you are acting is how you want them to be.

. When you empower someone, keep it professional, state your expectations clearly, summarize your plan for that employee, be direct and give a chance to any question or suggestion. Open your ears and your heart to what is being said to you. The human element in your business is as important as your profits. You don’t want to lose an asset employee, do you?!

Still there is more to say.

Until we talk again, get engaged and find your true inspiration with our topics, and our hugs and kisses


. Empower


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