I Know Your Secret!

Dearest friends, brothers, and sisters everywhere: the US, India, Czech Republic, Romania, Italy, Turkey, and Mexico, thanks for being here with all of us! 😉

Before deciding any further steps to reveal this secret, you need to remember the previous USA Car Recordexamples that took place in your world.

For instance, someone claimed that the Earth was not rounded, and that it was a flat surface, how many people, do you think, will even try to check on the proofs or the facts that person would be able to provide them with?

The problem is that if you think about it, you’d find that all the knowledge that you mentally stored about Earth and planets told you that the Earth was a ball revolving around itself and around the sun. Modo BathThat is why immediately, you’d dismiss that claim without giving a chance to any other thoughts to change your mind. Most probably, you’d tell yourself: “I don’t have time for this nonsense.” 😮

On the other hand, supposedly you’ve got a secret, a major secret,  and you had all the proofs, what should you do about it? Should you give a tip to the New York Times or to the Washington Post? Should SophieKnowsUrSecretyou reveal it to someone whom you’d know that can take the pressure? Should you declare it yourself and relieve your conscience, and bear all the blames if nobody believed you?

Or, should you totally forget about it, as if it never happened, and bury it?

Let’s hear your comments, questions, or suggestion living with our topics for the present and the future, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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