Clear Vision!

Dear friends from everywhere: the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, Russia, Turkey, HongKong SAR China, Ireland, Finland, and India, welcome back to your favorite humble corner today! 😉

Are you tired of lies the way we do? Yes? Just ignore them coz the heartily truth will be revealed sooner than what you expect.Share your unique link, both you and your friends get usd 30 off for your next booking.There are too many wonderful people everywhere around us, but  many times the media try to manipulate what you see and what you hear. Always remember that.

What you see could be fabricated and so it goes for what you hear. You’ve got to funnel and sieve everything now to keep your logic and sanity.

Serving on our borders is a major duty and not everyone is eligible, capable, or trustworthy of holding that honor.

Jamal gave us a new piece of news yesterday, which will require you to solve more problems not only locally but also internationally since he read about some foreign projects regarding controlling weather. What do you think? Is there any truth in this? Well, one thing for sure, your weather in CA started showing tremendous changes, but the question is: is that due to the new experimental actions that are taken place somewhere else in your planet, or is it as some claim due to the global warming assumption?

Good friends, until we chat again, let’s hear from you. Expect more to come, more prosperity and more new profitable ideas and more love among you, with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannel


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