Cookies Naked!

How so great to have you around?! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Denmark, the UK, Romania, India, Turkey, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Germany, South Korea, France, and Jamaica! 😉

Do you like cookies?
Not any more. I’m planning on losing weight.

Oh! not these cookies, the other cookies!
Hmm! Oh! It’s harebrained to accept cookies. You can surpass and continue doing what you want to do though.SophieCookies

Why? Did you use to like’m then you’ve changed?
No, Not quite like that.

Remix by Rock Revival at Buckle!IGXO Cosmetics

It’s harebrained to accept cookiesYou can surpass and continue doing what you want to do. It’s annoying to see that sign of “pls accept our cookies” every time you get to that site you use regularly, but consider not accepting the cookies as your shield against being traced by others or unknown parties.

In other words, you reserve your rights in not accepting spying on your activities online.20190126_190807_HDRI remember last year I met that Texas guy who told me he never had a computer or an email address, and I was not surprised. He said: “If you want to be naked, you get online!” I understood what he said, coz that was exactly what you got yourself onto when you were online and accepting all those cookies!!!

             imageimageNot accepting the cookies terms and conditions is a safeguard; it doesn’t guarantee that your activities will not be seen by anyone else, but at least you would avoid some. When those cookies text appeared to you on your monitor or cell phone, do not click on accept, just ignore it and continue doing what you’re doing.


IMG_20190222_182638Do not eat the cookies. Even the name that was given to them was a deceiver. And even when you do not accept those “Undelicious” cookies, the text or the sign that asked you to accept  will keep being hanging up there so long as you are on that site, but it will disappear once you move to another site.

There are other methods of getting spied upon but for now let’s apply this simple rule first. When you get used to it, it wont’ bother you any more.sophiechannel

Until we chat again, be close to us all the time, follow up with our true stories, send your comments and suggestions with our hugs and kisses ❤

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