TX Protects its People!

Prayers are good anytime especially when you feel helpless! 😉 Welcome back dearest writers, bloggers, teachers, students, and all from everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, France, Italy, Russia, Australia, Japan, Slovakia, Vietnam, Italy, Belgium, Cameroon, Nigeria, China, Kenya, , Malaysia, Sweden, Egypt, Malaysia, Brazil, Belgium, and all! 😉

Thank God that there is still real spirit of patriotism that cares for the People’s rights!

TX bill is in its way to pass serving the People of TX and their constitutional rights as users on Big Tech Networks. 

Media has gone crazy and it seems that they do not really care about paying billions or trillions to claimants anymore. The tap, which is pouring money 24/7, is open. Are you sure it’s gonna be open forever?

Why don’t you join one of the class-action, there is a chance that you would become very rich over night if you won one of these lawsuits. There is a national trend on suing big tech and big media who caused a lot of agony for many people. It’s nice to see that Florida is leading the way in this Media dictatorship.

Until we chat again, remember to get ready for Valentine’s Day, with our hugs and kisses

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